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Launching new website: "Vietnam student portal"

Vietnamese Student Portal” – is where online programs are organized to increase knowledge and improve moral, ideological and lifestyle for students. It also creates a link among state agencies, youth unions, social organizations, enterprises, sponsors, website users and students. Therefore, SGate provides a helpful information system to students while they are at universities and graduate.

SGate is a system having many functions to meet students’ demand such as:
- Online Donation: to support for poor students
- Social Network: to share information
- Online Library: to share documents
- Online Entertainment: to share photos, video clips and others
- Career Orientation: to help students to have career orientation, find information for their future career.
- Scholarships: to provide information about studying abroad
- Career Support: to help fresh students to find jobs
- Students’ online market: to exchange products and services
- Online economic games: to help students get acquainted with the real business

In the first period, SGate focuses on “Online Donation” to honor poor but excellent students and support them with scholarships.
In the press conference, SGate fund – the first online donation in Vietnam was introduced. It will helps students with scholarships from donors all around the country.

Vietnamobile company registered to donate 600 million VND to SGate fund.