At the end of the 2000s, in the context of Vietnam’s socio-economic development with exciting changes in the telecommunications technology market and the concept of e-commerce starting to creep in, on August 3, 2007, JSC OSB Investment and Technology section was established.

With the business philosophy of “Potential opportunities” are always properly evaluated, and then find the right solutions and goals in “Business”, up to now, after 15 years of establishment and development, the name “OSB” has always remained. represents the ideal that the founders aspired to from day one.

From the initial foundations, until now OSB has expanded and developed strongly on a national scale, including 1 head office, 2 hub stations and 4 representative VPs. Having achieved many successes in key fields such as Satellite Services, System Integration, E-Commerce Services, OSB has affirmed its capacity, prestige, position and brand in the domestic market. and before international partners.

The road to conquering the heights

15 years ago, OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company initially operated in the fields of telecommunications; information technology and investment. In the context of 2007, this field is still the playground of the big companies with state capital. A new business like OSB is like a toddler, taking its first steps among the giants. But not because of that, the company falters in the face of difficulties and challenges. With unremitting efforts and a team of skilled engineers and experts, in 2010, OSB was trusted to participate in the implementation of the project of supplying equipment and installing Teleport station (11m) working with Vinasat satellite- first. From the starting point of focusing only on providing services, solutions, and integration, OSB has made great strides, expanding investment, research and development, and manufacturing products with its own niche. on the market. Including SEACOM, one of the first strategic products and services under the OSB brand. After only a short time of market launch, SEACOM has become the leading communication solution for the maritime industry with outstanding features and wide coverage throughout Southeast Asia.

Over a decade-long journey, OSB is proud to be one of only four units in Vietnam licensed by the Government to provide fixed satellite services, also known as Vsat. OSB’s services are always highly appreciated for their reputation and quality from government agencies to domestic and international businesses.

Besides, e-commerce is one of the other key strengths of OSB’s diverse ecosystem. From June 2009, OSB Company started to participate in the potential e-commerce market by officially becoming the first Authorized Dealer in Vietnam of the world’s largest B2B e-commerce platform. , and quickly lead in the field of providing e-commerce solutions and supporting export promotion businesses.

With 2 EC centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, OSB has supported thousands of businesses in the Vietnamese export community to have the opportunity to connect to millions of customers from countries around the world in the near future. all areas In the official announcement on the Partner page of in May 2020, OSB is considered as one of the two most successful partners of Alibaba globally. Within more than 10 years of cooperation, OSB has received hundreds of awards from Alibaba Group for consulting activities and export support for businesses.

August 3, 2022 is an important milestone marking a 15-year journey of establishment and development of OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company. The company has grown to become a multi-industry enterprise and is a leader in many key fields, from Technology, Telecommunication, Investment to E-commerce. It is an achievement that the Board of Directors as well as all officers and employees of the company are always proud of. With the unremitting dedication of the human system, operating by will with a common vision of a Sustainable Development goal, becoming a prestigious brand in the country, reaching out to the region and connecting globally.

After 15 years of ups and downs, especially during the 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic raging around the world with new difficulties and challenges, OSB understands that in order to stand firm, the company must always be consistent with these challenges. Core values:  Professional – Creative – Solidarity – Innovation – Efficiency.

To achieve that, the Company has been implementing a corporate restructuring strategy, including overall solutions for the development orientation of production and business activities, optimization of organizational structure, finance, etc. promote the potential of human resources, in order to create a driving force for businesses to grow stronger and develop a diverse and effective ecosystem.

OSB will always continue to move forward with the will, the strength of each individual, the collective and the support of thousands of customers and partners who have always trusted and accompanied us on the past journey to not stop growing, develop sustainably and constantly conquer new challenges and new heights.

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