(Translated by Google) On November 5, 2021, an online seminar with the theme of Developing Telecommunications Services on Satellites platform took place and attracted many experts and guests to attend and share. The conference was organized by International Data Group in Vietnam (IDG Vietnam) on Zoom, Facebook live and Webex platforms.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Son – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of OSB Investment & Technology Joint Stock Company was one of 3 speakers at the conference who shared about opportunities and challenges of the Satellite Service sector. He was one of the first people involved in the process of building and launching Vinasat satellite into orbit. With his rich experience, he and a team of leading experts at OSB built up a wide VSAT network and provided services to many large customers in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.


Regarding the telecommunications market via satellite platform, Mr. Nguyen Hong Son assessed that this is a niche market with a small number of users, especially facing huge competition from 3G, 4G and fiber optic services being offered. Wide coverage at low cost. However, with satellite technology being more and more innovative, telecommunications services deployed on satellite platforms still have a certain importance in connecting people from the most remote and remote places; serving the purposes of national security, national sovereignty and economic factors.

During the seminar, experts also shared different perspectives on launching Vinasat 3 satellite to replace part of C band for VINASAT 1 in 2023. Mr. Doan Quang Hoan – General Secretary of Radio Electronics Association Vietnam thinks this is reasonable because the lifespan of the VINASAT 1 satellite may only last until 2023, Vietnam needs to study and have a feasibility report to launch a replacement satellite soon. Meanwhile, according to Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, launching the third satellite into orbit is not really necessary and needs to be further considered in terms of timing, technical factors and business problems.

In the Q&A with experts at the end of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Hong Son also shared: “Satellite services are an indispensable service in Vietnam’s telecommunications infrastructure and will continue to be developed with new technologies. , new application. In the trend of digital transformation and digital economy development, OSB company also built the SEACOM platform system – bringing broadband Internet services with many applications to serve the marine economy and digital economy in remote areas. . Currently, the service is being provided to people at a cheaper price, in line with practical needs. OSB has always been consistent with the belief that OSB’s products and services are always useful, necessary and provide maximum support for people.”

Bui Giang Nam – Synthesized directly from the workshop.

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