Our story

In the late 2000s, in the context of Vietnam’s socio-economic development, telecommunication technology started having explosive advancements and e-commerce concept began to penetrate into Vietnamese economy. In 2007, OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB) was established and operated in these key fields.

OSB is unlocking opportunity for everyone, everywhere. When OSB looks at the world, we see nothing but opportunity waiting to be unlocked. That’s why we’re committed to always finding a better way to provide people and businesses with the tools, optimal solutions, technologies and connections they need to reach their potential, no matter where they live, work, or go. Our world-class service is meeting more and more needs of customers with shortening time and increasing efficiency. This has brought economic efficiency to customers in the context of economic integration..

From the initial foundations, OSB has expanded its operation scale and strongly developed nationwide, including 1 Headquarter, 2 Hub stations, 4 Representative offices and a factory of over 40,000 m2 with state-of-art machinery, highly skilled and experienced employees. We are confident to meet the most demanding and highest requirements from all domestic and oversea clients and continue moving towards the goal of comprehensive implementation of support services, business solutions and research promotion, manufacturing high-tech products, helping customers to fully exploit the power of technology, telecommunications, and e-commerce in business development, cooperation, investment, as well as carry out many projects in Vietnam and across the globe

The company has implemented a strategy of enterprise restructuring, including the total solutions on the development of business production, optimization of organizational structure, finance, promoting the potential of human resources, in order to create the motivation for businesses to grow stronger, develop a diverse and effective ecosystem, sustainable development, become a prestigious brand in the fields of Technology, Telecommunication, E-commerce at the national and global levels.