OSB is a trusted partner for Technology Investment.

Investing in Technology

Technology has disrupted traditional industries, spawning new businesses in its wake. We move with the times to adapt to this challenging environment, expanding our investing and organisational efforts in this area, with a focus on identifying good companies, good technologies, and good business models.

OSB has been investing in the technology space since our founding. Our Investment Department monitors and assesses industry trends, and recommends OSB’s overall technology portfolio size and composition, and partnership strategy. We handle most of our early stage investments, through venture capital funds, co-investments, and direct investments.


Our investment strategy is one of integrated diversity. A focus on intrinsic value of core Technology and price discipline guides our investment team as they structure and pursue investment opportunities across asset classes and the capital structure. OSB HIGHTECH is our pioneer and strategic Brand in the Private Markets investment group. In High-Tech field, we invest in research, development and production of high-tech products, equipment and solutions that have the potential to generate high long-term real returns and the ability to diversify our portfolio. We leverage our breadth of asset class expertise, technology, flexibility, and global reach to pursue attractive and unique investment opportunities for the long term.

Our Core Strengths

We leverage our core strengths to invest in technology:

A tech-driven organisation

At OSB, we leverage our technology and rich experiences in Telecom, Satellite and E-commerce to harness data, deepen insights, and sharpen our competitive edge in investing. Being agile when faced with emergent scenarios and deal opportunities remains key to achieving our purpose. To do so, we gather professionals across disciplines, including financial experts, investment strategists, data scientists, electronics and telecommunications engineers and technologists, to provide OSB with an enduring proprietary edge through technology investment insights, as well as increased efficiency and productivity in our investment processes.

Long-Term Orientation

– Apply a long-term, fundamentals-based approach

– Provide stable, commited capital to businesses

– Develops long-standing relationships with stakeholders

Broad Investment Mandate

– Able to invest across geographies, asset classes, deal types, and capital structure

– Adaptable to growing and diversifying the financial needs of businesses

– Create cross-assets synergies and opportunities through collaboration with OSB

Values-Driven Investing

– Has sound governance, which provides strong oversight and accountability

– Acts in accordance with our PRIME values


Global Operations

– Has an international network with on-the-ground presence in key markets

– Invests across industries worldwide, which offers valuable insights and perspectives

– Coordinates resources and coverage as one OSB, across our global offices

Collaborative & Committed Partnerships

– Works with like-mined and skilled partners

– Nurtures enduring partnerships

– Adds value through our experience and wide network