Seacom Marine Communication

Seacom Marine Communication Co., Ltd is a member of OSB Group which was established in 2007 and is currently operating with 3 main business areas: Telecommunications, E-commerce, and Investment.

With the goal of leading the maritime telecommunication industry, Seacom Maritime Information Co., Ltd is one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam providing comprehensive communication solutions for the maritime industry including: providing bandwidth for internet connection, telephone calls to telephone number of domestic carriers (Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel, …), video call, monitoring journey and other packages.

Oriented to the fisherman and transport businesses, currently the services we provide include:


Seacom provides free telephone call services to the same number system (067890xxxx) and calls to the domestic network such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, …

In addition, Seacom provides bandwidth for internet connection, video calling and sending, access to other news and entertainment information pages. Consulting and supplying equipment: Expert team of solution consultant, calculation of VSAT line design; supply and rental of VSAT equipment on request

Cruise Monitoring – Navigation:

Cruise Monitoring Service is 1 important service in Seacom system. This service provides monitoring of the position and path of the vessel so that the vessel owner can easily manage and monitor the operation of the vessel. The ship’s location is determined based on a Cruise Surveillance Unit (GPS) installed in the Antenna of Seacom Kits.

MULTIMEDIA ENTERTAINMENT: Providing image and video services that can be viewed directly on the boat when there is no network; data is updated at times when the network does not generate capacity.

Storage of field images, GPS information, system alerts newsletters, etc., enabling monitoring and customer support.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: When there are visual warning newsletters need to send information to shore at the register address, just open the seacom app to the emergency item are photos taken, the clips will automatically move back to shore at the registered address. This allowed for the mitigation of complicated steps and provided information so that side support can be provided quickly if necessary.

With outstanding and unique features, SEACOM Service has received the trust of many large customers from domestic and international such as: PTSC, VIETSO PETRO, VIETTEL, MOBIFONE, HD Marine, …

We are committed to constantly researching to improve and improve technology so that customers come to us will be providing the most optimal products, services and solutions to connect through any distance to the most remote places.

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