Online Export Solutions

OSB E-Commerce Services Co., Ltd (OSB ECOM), a member of OSB Group, specializes in e-commerce – a key field of OSB’s diverse ecosystem.

Starting from June 2009, OSB became the first official authorized agent of Alibaba.com in Vietnam. In fact, Vietnamese businesses had known about Alibaba.com since its early days when the e-commerce platform was established in 1999. However, since the official appointment of an authorized agent in Vietnam, Alibaba.com has received even more attention from businesses, especially those involved in import and export activities, through promotional campaigns and practical support programs for Vietnamese businesses.

In the future, OSB ECOM will continue to make efforts to support more customers and businesses in providing online export services and expanding the domestic and global markets.

Why us?

With a wealth of experience as an authorized agent of Alibaba.com since 2009, OSB has supported thousands of export enterprises in Vietnam seeking more business opportunities, expanding markets and successfully exporting to the world market. OSB is highly appreciated by the export business community of Vietnam for timely support and advice as well as professional and effective customer care.In addition, OSB regularly cooperates with Alibaba.com as well as business partners in Vietnam to organize a series of support events, and training for businesses to efficiently exploit the world’s leading B2B e-commerce channel Alibaba.com into business activities. Throughout the operation, OSB has received several prestigious awards from Alibaba, such as Best Market Development Agent Award; Best Business Support Agent Award; Best Customer Care Team; Best Global Market; Best Customer Service Team; Best Sales Service Team; etc.

With the aim of “bringing Vietnamese products to the world market”, Alibaba.com and OSB have implemented major activities such as:

Small and medium-sized business consultancy and training:

This is a weekly and monthly activity held at OSB’s offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Consultation to introduce free members on Alibaba.com various export channels and advantages of e-commerce trading channels. The monthly training course also helps Gold Suppliers members on Alibaba.com to equip the skills necessary to harness the stall’s performance on Alibaba.com.

Events, specialized workshops:

Alibaba.com and OSB regularly collaborate with local organizations to organize large-scale workshops and training for export enterprises in some major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Can Tho … Along with the organization of large and small events during the past time, Alibaba.com also sponsored events related to e-commerce of the Ministry Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)

Gold Supplier Launch:

Officially introduced Gold Supplier service in Vietnam on 22/07/2009 in Hanoi and 28/08/2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, so far the service has expanded with more attractive packages and features.

Activities to support e-commerce enterprises to promote exports:

In order to bring more benefits to Vietnamese enterprises, Alibaba.com and OSB have cooperated with many organizations to support export: VCCI, VESA, Vietrade, VECOM, etc., to bring Vietnamese enterprises closer to the means and means of e-commerce to boost exports.