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UpCode Launches with the First 2d Barcodes on Visa Cards

UpCode, announces its launch with the first 2d barcode on Visas. UpCode has started with the Halpa Halli credit cards being the first of its kind that gives you mobile loyalty via your internet enabled mobile phone utilizing the UpCode Reader and the UpCode on the Visa card. Halpa Halli shoppers are now enabled from their Halpa Halli Visa cards in real time with store information and incentives that are being offered by scanning the UpCode on cards.

Halpa Halli Visa credit card with an UpCode on it provides a proprietary loyalty program that provides discounts, promotions, and information. In the future it is possible to integrate also ordering and payments functions. The UpCode loyalty program operates anywhere at any time, regardless of mobile phone or what country you are in. The Halpa Halli Visa gives its members on the go information that can be accessed easily on the mobile phone. Jerald Cavitt CEO for UpCode USA states, "We are proud to include the Halpa Halli VISA to our global arsenal and our proprietary UpCode 'Mobile Access and Interaction' Platform (MAI)(TM). I speak for all in stating we are proud to start with such a compelling, interactive program as, Halpa Halli Retail Stores. We believe that our loyalty program represents an added value to the financial institutions by utilizing UpCodes with new innovation in digital distribution with endless possibilities."

UpCode(TM) includes an optical reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to electronic information on screens. With the application it is possible to integrate all businesses and all forms of eCommerce, with print and screen media. The code (2D data matrix, QR-code, 1D barcode or color code) or other type of tag (picture, OCR) gives mobile phone users multiple access and interaction, for an example but not only to internet content simply by pointing their phone at a code. Complete integration of localization, personalization, objects and other data. UpCode is established on all continents and working in 43 countries today.