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VCCI, VESA and Associations successfully organized The Spring Networking 2018 program

 On January 19, 2018, at the Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Vietnam Export Support Association (VESA), and more than 30 Associations in the South of Vietnam successfully organized the program "Cooperation for Export Promotion & Spring Networking 2018"

VESA delegates took souvenir photos at the program

(Sitting outside on the left is Mr. Tran Dinh Toan - Chairman of the VESA Alliance)

Attending this program, VCCI’s representative is Mr. Vo Tan Thanh, Vice Chairman of VCCI /Director of VCCI Ho Chi Minh City. On behalf of the VESA Alliance, there are Mr. Tran Dinh Toan - Chairman of the Alliance and leaders of other VESA providers. In addition, there are senior leaders and managers from more than 30 industry associations in the South of Vietnam.

Representatives of major providers in the VESA Alliance

The presence of leading industry experts in the field of export, supporting areas and representatives from industry associations helped the program become very exalted with the theme revolving around support strategies for the exporters of Vietnam in 2018. Experts emphasized the importance of coordination among organizations, alliances and associations in enhancing export competitive capability for Vietnamese enterprises.

The signing ceremony of the strategic agreement for the development of Vietnamese exporters between VCCI and VESA was the main part of the program. It is expected that in 2018, VCCI and VESA will accompany a series of awareness raising events, skills training and, other special support programs for exporters.

After that, VCCI and VESA officially signed the 3-party cooperation agreement with industry associations on "Cooperation project to improve export competitive capability for Vietnamese enterprises". Signed associations include: An Giang Business Association, Vietnam Coconut Association, Binh Duong Wood Processing Association, Dong Nai Import Export Association,.... The project is committed to providing maximum support to improve competitive capability and export efficiency for Vietnamese enterprises, especially enterprises that are members of industry associations. The project will be implemented in 2018 with the number of supported enterprises expected to reach 1000 enterprises.

The program ended with the expectation to bring to Vietnamese exporters the best support with the most special promotions, contributing to enhancing the development of exporters in particular and Vietnam export in general.

Here are some pictures in the program.